Dungeon Crawlers

Session 3

At the Sleeping Giant

The party had come to the Sleeping Giant Taphouse in search of Redbrand Ruffians. They found four, and the Ruffians seemed intent on picking a fight.

Sildar brings rewards

After they killed three and knocked out one of the Ruffians, Sildar Hallwinter arrived with the Townmaster, Harbin Wester. Townmaster Wester didn’t seem to appreciate the threat brought by the Redbrands and after exchanging some sharp words with the players he stormed out in a huff.

Sildar let the players know that on his urging, the town is offering some rewards for help with some of the local threats:

  • 500gp for finding Cragmaw Castle and putting a stop to the goblins raiding from there
  • 200gp for elimination of the Redbrand Ruffians

Interrogating the Redbrand

The party took the unconscious Redbrand to the jail in the Town hall, and threw Osborn (a former Redbrand) in with them.

The Ruffian wasn’t convinced that Osborn had been redeemed by Glasstaff, the Redbrands’ leader. As far as he knew, there were still standing orders to eliminate Osborn on sight.

The Ruffian was more convinced by Oskar’s glowing warhammer and threatening tone. He gave up everything he knew:

  • the rough layout of the Redbrands’ stronghold under Tresendar Manor
  • Glasstaff’s location in the northwest of the stronghold
  • the existence of a “hideous eye-monster” in a crevasse in the center of the stronghold
  • the presence of some local villagers kidnapped by the Redbrands

At the Redbrands’ Stronghold

The party rested up and set off in the morning for Tresendar Manor. They found the entrance to the Redbrands’ Stronghold in the cellar and went in.

While noisily checking the contents of the barrels of supplies in the first room (salted pork!), Oskar and Agathar were surprised by a group of four Redbrands sneaking in from the next room.

A fight ensued and one Redbrand was frozen to pieces and shattered, two were killed, and the last was pinned fatally to the wall where he was trying to escape.

This turned out to be a secret door leading into a long hallway.

The Nothic’s Crevasse

The hallway led to a cave in the center of the cellar with a crevasse in the middle. As they entered, the party heard mysterious voices echoing in their minds, asking “why are you here?”

The source of the voice proved to be a strange creature called a nothic, a monster with a single huge eye and sharp fangs.

The party convinced the nothic (who said his name was “Name!”) to show them where Glasstaff was located. He pointed them toward the northwest, a passage leading away from this chamber with the crevasse in it.

Osborn Rides the Nothic

Then Osborn jumped on the back of the nothic to try to ride him, at which point the nothic screamed in panic and began attacking the players.

During the fight, two bugbears charged from a side passage and engaged the players.

After a tough battle, both bugbears and the nothic were dead. Investigating the bugbears turned up an eyepatch with jewels on it, some coin, and a key on a leather strap.

In the crevasse was the dead body of a villager and a chest containing some treasure, including a sword labelled “”/wikis/Talon/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Talon", which belonged to the owner of this manor, long dead.

Exploring the Stronghold

In a barracks to the southwest, where the bugbears came from, the group found a goblin named Droop, who had been abused by the bugbears and was more than happy to help the players wipe out the redbrands.

North of the barracks, another closed door had the sounds of Redbrands drinking behind it, apparently oblivious to the situation with the bugbears and the nothic…

Session 2

In Cragmaw Cave

After rescuing Sildar Hallwinter, the group made short work of Klarg the bugbear and several of his goblin minions. They eliminated every goblin in the cave.

In Klarg’s lair were some supplies belonging to the Lionshield Coster, a trading post in Phandalin, as well as some coin and a small frog statuette.

In Phandalin

Arriving at Phandalin with Sildar Hallwinter and their oxen cart of supplies, the party rented some rooms at the inn and chatted with some of the locals.

They learned a variety of local gossip:

  • Redbrand Ruffians are causing trouble all over town
  • Halia Thornton is leader of the Phandalin Mining Guild
  • Daran Edermath, currently an apple farmer, is an ex-adventurer
  • No one seems to know where Cragmaw Castle is
  • No one has heard of the Black Spider
  • A farmer was killed by the Redbrands and his family disappeared

Halia Thornton

Halia Thornton offered the group 100gp to kill the leader of the Redbrands, a wizard known as “Glasstaff”, and bring any correspondence they find to her.

She seemed a little shifty about why.

She says the Redbrands hang around the Sleeping Giant tap house.

Daran Edermath

Daran’s a retired adventurer, who confirmed that the Redbrands have a safe house under Tresendar Manor in Phandalin.

He also mentioned rumors of undead at Old Owl Well, and encouraged the party to look into it.

Lionshield Coster

Linene Graywind, master of the Phandalin post of Lionshield Coster, gave the group 50gp for the return of their goods.

Redbrands at Sleeping Giant

The party approached the Sleeping Giant tap house, to find four ruffians drinking on the front porch. The ruffians were surly and insulting to the group.

One ruffian poured his ale over the head of Lemire. Then when Lemire bought a round of drinks, the ruffian poured his over Lemire’s head again.

Lemire punched him in the face, and the ruffians drew their weapons to fight, at which time Lemire cleaved the first ruffian in half with his greatsword.

In the ensuing fight, three ruffians were killed and one was rendered unconscious.

Session 1

The party travelled toward Phandalin and discovered the horses of Gundar Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter.

They were ambushed by goblins and killed all but one, whom they took captive. They led him along the trail toward the goblin cave, where they fought a couple of goblin sentries.

They took the path to the west and fought goblins who were holding captive Sildar Hallwinter.


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