Dungeon Crawlers

Session 2

In Cragmaw Cave

After rescuing Sildar Hallwinter, the group made short work of Klarg the bugbear and several of his goblin minions. They eliminated every goblin in the cave.

In Klarg’s lair were some supplies belonging to the Lionshield Coster, a trading post in Phandalin, as well as some coin and a small frog statuette.

In Phandalin

Arriving at Phandalin with Sildar Hallwinter and their oxen cart of supplies, the party rented some rooms at the inn and chatted with some of the locals.

They learned a variety of local gossip:

  • Redbrand Ruffians are causing trouble all over town
  • Halia Thornton is leader of the Phandalin Mining Guild
  • Daran Edermath, currently an apple farmer, is an ex-adventurer
  • No one seems to know where Cragmaw Castle is
  • No one has heard of the Black Spider
  • A farmer was killed by the Redbrands and his family disappeared

Halia Thornton

Halia Thornton offered the group 100gp to kill the leader of the Redbrands, a wizard known as “Glasstaff”, and bring any correspondence they find to her.

She seemed a little shifty about why.

She says the Redbrands hang around the Sleeping Giant tap house.

Daran Edermath

Daran’s a retired adventurer, who confirmed that the Redbrands have a safe house under Tresendar Manor in Phandalin.

He also mentioned rumors of undead at Old Owl Well, and encouraged the party to look into it.

Lionshield Coster

Linene Graywind, master of the Phandalin post of Lionshield Coster, gave the group 50gp for the return of their goods.

Redbrands at Sleeping Giant

The party approached the Sleeping Giant tap house, to find four ruffians drinking on the front porch. The ruffians were surly and insulting to the group.

One ruffian poured his ale over the head of Lemire. Then when Lemire bought a round of drinks, the ruffian poured his over Lemire’s head again.

Lemire punched him in the face, and the ruffians drew their weapons to fight, at which time Lemire cleaved the first ruffian in half with his greatsword.

In the ensuing fight, three ruffians were killed and one was rendered unconscious.


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